Sicknotes techno top 10 - April 2017

Rank Artist Name
1 Tiger Stripes Flash Workout
2 Adam Beyer Time Flies (Tiger Stripes remix)
3 Jerome Sydenham No Earth Required
4 Roman Beise The Same Story (Lutzenkirchen Remix)
5 Skober Phoenix Rose (Balthazar & Jackrock Remx)
6 Zimber, Shnaps Controversy (Maximus Bellini Remix)
7 Brett Johnson Mr Johnson's Talk'n Now (Luke's Video Games Rework)
8 Perky Smoke Piano (Peter Horrevorts Remix)
9 Dakar Pumping
10 Moby Go (Manic Brothers remix)

Sicknotes techno top 10 - November 2009

  Rank Artist Name Label Rant
1 Carl Falk Shuffle Hz Trax Carl Falk delivers sick track with stripped down looped up vocal hooks and his trademark, pounding, driving, sounds. Available to listen to on the player.
2 Tube Tech The End (Boca Remix) T Classixx Ok I admit it, I've got a thing for bootlegs and there are a few in this chart. Tube Tech do the business on the Doors 'The End'. Funky techno beats fused with sick rock guitar. Maybe not one for techno purists... Available to listen to on the player.
3 Madison Avenue Don't Call Me Baby (Peppelino Bootleg) Unreleased (like he could get a license for it) A tough tribal workout with that infectious sample. One of my favourite guilty pleasures right now. Available to listen to on the player.
4 Brian Sanhaji Stereotype (Thomas Krome Remix) CL Recordings An absolute mother fucker of a track. Evil techno breaks action curtisy of Thomas Krome. This track keeps on building and doesnt stop, hard as nails and never leaves the record box. Available to listen to on the player.
5 DJ Rush Motherfucking Bass (Popof Remix) T Classixx Popof breathes new life into DJ's Rush's classic track. Rolling, tripped out and wobbly as hell. Nice.
6 Boriqua Tribez Acido Adult Records Boriqua Tribez has been releasing a steady stream of quality releases recently. Minimal and relentless and funky as hell, this track is no exception. A locked in groove and quality looped vocal snatches - killer.
7 Primus Tech Go Fast Intuition Recordings You know those tracks put a shit eating grin on your face from the first first beat and just get better? This track has more energy than a duracell bunny on crystal meth. Fast, tough, dance floor destroyer.
8 Groove Korp Running Boy (Dj CristiaoRemix) Addicted Records Deep, heavy, relentless and stripped down. This track is dirty and scratches that 'proper' techno itch we all get.
9 Topspin and Andy Fink Matuss Modena (Manuel De La Mare Bologna Remix) Future Audio This track is on a much more minimal tip, sweeping synths contrast with a tough techy beat that will get any room warmed up.
10 Reaky You Dirty Little Slut Relatives Much as you'd imagine. Hard, nasty, driving techno. You love it.